The First Wife

Again, Mark Twain’s character, Eve, gives us a lovely reminder to love, unconditionally. Didn’t Katy Perry pen a song about that too … “Unconditionally”? It’s the purest of loves and is absolute. I don’t think we should overthink it though because we may place unreasonable expectations on love and we’ll miss it! … More The First Wife


Adam’s Diary

Extracts from Adam’s Diary was a comic short story written in 1904 by Mark Twain. At first Adam wasn’t sure about Eve, “this new creature with the long hair”, but over time she grew on him. Were they Mr and Mrs Right? And dare I imply, soulmates? They say, Mark Twain based his characters, Adam and Eve, on himself and his wife, Livy. The chestnut theory must have been something special between them. Now, there’s a love story!
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Eve’s Diary

Some stories shouldn’t be forgotten. ‘Eve’s Diary’ is such a story and surprisingly, written by a man. Eve is adorable, quirky, annoying and a know it all but she loves her life and her man. Eve’s Diary is a comic short story by Mark Twain. It was first published in the 1905 Christmas issue of the magazine Harper’s Bazaar and it’s a must read. Written over a century ago it still holds it charm and free for us to enjoy. It’s a love story. … More Eve’s Diary

Adam & Eve

It appears it may not have been an apple nor Eve for that matter, but Adam? Adam may be responsible for the collapse of the Garden of Eden and ‘working for a living’, a forgone conclusion. The whole forbidden thing is just a bad joke it seems? … More Adam & Eve