The Bachelor Catchups Episodes V1 – V111

Who ever survives the dates, the drama in the mansion and Matty’s sister, Kate, undoubtably deserves to be his true love.

How many buildings does a gal need to jump off or planes to fall from … not to mention finding the skimpiest bikini to wear; the challenge being to keep you bikini in place while you perfect your water sport … remembering to demonstrate maternal instincts wherever possible because Matty wants a family, plus … hold ladylike conversations with his sister in order for her not to be suspicious of your intent??

I’m getting a little ahead here …

Now lets start back at the last rose ceremony when Matty walked out!

Matty exclaims he isn’t anyone puppet after he stops the rose ceremony to put Sian out of her misery by personally telling her why he’s letting her go.

A rose elimination might have been more thoughtful and considerate without having to explain anything, Matty! Isn’t that what they are for?

Natalie gets that dignity at the rose ceremony, at least … fare thee well!

So, back to the puppet thing. What exactly is Kate’s role in Matty’s affairs of the heart? I’m starting to get a feel that Matty needs his sister’s approval and wants to please her. Now, that’s what one might consider a rival???

Kate appears at the mansion to uncover secrets, skeletons and unsuitable candidates for her brother.

Nice to have a big sis working behind the scenes with your best interest at heart or ?  More about that later!

The single dates over the last three episodes went to Tara, Alix and Elora.

Tara and Matty go on a bicycle built for two and have fun in the kitchen. He finds her infectious, forward and flirtatious!

Well done Tara!

Alix tries her best at an impossible sport and puts in 150% effort which is admirable, courageous and a jolly good sport but conversation is not her strong suit and Matty is left feeling unsettled. Neither moved in for a kiss but alas, a rose blooms nearby.

Matty’s actions don’t meet his words. Why did he give Alix a rose on the single date but not in last night’s rose ceremony eliminations? I thought they made a good match. Alix is very much the girl next door and he let her go. A false sense of security, a rose he betrothed now remains forever bitter sweet.

Group dates … jumping out the plane leaves Simone victorious as she overcomes her fear and the child centre visit reveres Laura as being maternal.

Not quite the image Laura was hoping for but maybe in another five years or so ….?

Moving on …

Matty’s sister uses her position of strength and influence over her brother to win the confidence of the girls to open up to her. She discovers some colourful information about Leah and encourages her to tell Matty.

Obviously, if Leah doesn’t … she will!

Leah owns up to Matty about her risqué business and he says it’s not a deal breaker but her behaviour towards Simone is unacceptable and therefore, must leave the mansion. In Leah’s usual style, cops it sweet but not before planting the seed of insincere intentions of others in the house.

The mansion explodes with hysterics, self righteousness and entitlement. Michelle wants some time with Matty but never finds the moment but it is Sharlene who confronts Matty about not having any time with him. Matty lays it out to her … he feels no romantic inclination towards her.


That’s Sharlene’s queue to leave the mansion, exit stage right!

The girls are dropping like flies and those that remain are getting a little angst, particularly when they learn Elora gets a second date with Matty.

Jen has something to say about that but that’s Jen and without her there is no villain, especially now that Leah has been banished forever from the mansion.

Elora’s date went extremely well. The attraction appears mutual and Matty’s sister gave her a glowing report as well. Elora is sultry, exotic and beguiling and is luring Matty into her web.

Can Matty resist such temptation?

I hope everyone is keeping up with what’s, what?

The Group date is another compatibility game and the only way to win is to cheat. Florence shows initiative and reveals her flaw by telling Matty the truth. He rewards her for her bad behaviour and presents her a rose.

Florence is cheeky, feisty and determined to win Matty’s heart and one to watch. Matty is quite taken by her initiatives because it was unexpected and he found amusing.

Will Matty find the rebel side of Florence a game changer?

Stephanie and Alix at the rose ceremony huddle together knowing their fate was to be chopped.


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