The Bachelor Episode V

The single date goes to Florence and jumping off a 26 story building certainly raises the question of what if? Matty refers to it like falling in love …you just have to give into it.

Really? Well, it certainly implies he’s willing …at least.

They make a cast of their hands of the same position held before jumping. Flo feels it’s a little cheesy but happy to participate. Matty asks directly about her living in Australia v Amsterdam and if she sees it as long term? Flo answers, Australia is where she belongs and has a sense of purpose now, especially after her passionate kisses with Matty.

Obviously, there is some chemistry between them but she has only been here 5 months. I believe living here long term may not just be up to her but immigration?

The dual date is next up. Liz and Jen are not happy being selected. They are not fans of each other. One will go home, so, Jen is particularly pleasant like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Liz is being controlled not giving a lot away and appears uncomfortable. Matty asks both girls about what they feel the other’s worst traits is?

Like a red flag to a bull, they were ready to charge. What was he thinking???

Liz felt, Jen is too quick to judge and Jen responds, Liz is abrasive

(an awkward moment.)

Matty whisks Jen away immediately for a chat and to is surprised to sees another side to her, deeper.

Didn’t seem too different to me … shallow as ever about what she wants and when?

Liz’s turn was a closed door. She couldn’t answer Matty about wanting a family and struggled in her reply, thus no connection or spark. Alas, Liz was chosen to be sent home.

I felt for Liz here as I think she had already made up her mind to fail.

Cocktail time and Matty asks Laura to the Secret Garden and she returns with a rose. This makes Sian angry, questioning Matty’s intentions and the process as she has not had an opportunity with him at all. She cries and wants to leave, so the producer organises for her to speak to Matty and Sian decides to stay. Now, Matty is unsure if he wants her to stay?

What a conundrum???

The rose ceremony ends abruptly when Matty walks out. The girls are left shocked.

Not sure what to think but lets keep it light. It’s a show and everyone participating takes that on board and mixing things up keeps it interesting and not so predicable.

To be continued ….

I hope the wait proves worthwhile!


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