The Bachelor Episode 1V

Chaos in the house continues. One bachelorette in particular has a lot to say about another.

Okay, its Jennifer!

Cobie is selected for the single date at the Sydney Polo Club and there is a lot of horse play between Matty and Cobie. Cobie requests permission to kiss after opening up to Matty. Heartbreak is something they share along with the approach of being friends first. Cobie also reads her poem and Matty gives a rose. Matty meets her half way and kisses.

The group date includes all the girls and it a life size Bachelor Board Game. It’s a novel idea and the competition begins. Alix fails the compatibility question, Liz gets the first pie in the face, Michelle goes to jail, Stephanie likes the same dates and Florence gets it right on several questions. Cobie ignores the offer of a free kiss with Matty which haunts her later and becomes the trigger for her actions to steal more time with Matty at the cocktail party and the all on catfight that follows. Michelle gets out of jail and wins the game.

Will the board game be predictive of the one who wins Matty’s heart? Michelle looks a lot like Matty’s sister too which may be in her favour.

At the cocktail party, Florence asserts herself and gives Matty a lesson in Dutch he won’t forget and Simone’s time with Matty is interrupted by Cobie …. so, she could explain why she didn’t kiss him. Interestingly, Matty is confused why she felt the need to explain anything.

The house is now divided with loyalties aligned whether misplaced or not? Laura defends Cobie vigorously and again, Jennifer is forthright in her attack with Leah doing what she does best … mischief making.

Sweet Belinda misses out on a ceremonial rose. We never got to know her.

Matty is starting to look a little frayed and no wonder!


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