The Bachelor Episode 111

I’m not sure what Matty will discover in these women but love is a bit of a stretch right now. However, we do know he did find love, so, let’s persist for now.

Laura was chosen for the single date. Matty was taken with her from the beginning. Her style and creative flair caught his attention.

A combination of a beautiful day, a harbour backdrop and a couple of easels, they sketch portraits of each other which aids their conversation to follow, along with long stares and kisses and of course, a rose.

I’m not convinced Laura is the one …. it seemed a little staged. I noted, she referred to him as Matty J early in the date and everyone knows that endearment belongs to Georgia.

The group date was a medieval theme and games were played. Alix shone here.

The feasting afterwards was dull for some, so, some mischief making commences stealing others time with Matty for their own self gain. Leah was particularly good at this along with building a softer image of caring too much about others.

Well, you could off blown me away with a feather.

Moving on … there are many different sides to everyone’s personalities presenting now but to Matty’s credit, he gives his undivided attention to all who approach, not giving away what he actually thinks?

Unfortunately, it was Aquiline who got the chop at the rose ceremony but it was Elora who appeared tearful.

I guess amongst all the shenanigans that go on in the show, some of the girls are emotionally invested, whether it is in Matty or doing something for their own confidence and self growth.


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