The Bachelor Episode 11

The first single date goes to Elora. Swimming with the dolphins on a beautiful day makes for an easy date but Elora did send sparks flying early between them with her fire twirling entrance.

I think Matty is pacing himself here, after all, Elora is mystical and exotic. He maybe out of his depth but he’s intrigued. Lets say, Matty is keen to learn French. Elora on the other hand wanted to know more about the ex-Georgia and if he’s really over her?

A rose, a hug and a kiss on the cheek made for a warm parting on the first date.

Back at the mansion the girls grill Elora and her ‘real’ experience with Matty. Jennifer reacts to the word ‘real’ in Elora’s description and Leah chimes in on the attack with Simone stepping him to defend her friend, Elora.

On that little display, I would eliminate Jennifer, Leah and Simone. Matty would have to ask himself … are they the qualities I want in my future wife?

Group date photo shoot … Cobie, Liz, Sian, Laura, Tara, Florence, Simone, Natalia, Leah, Jennifer

Jennifer is not one to stay in the background and makes a big splash of her own. Laura shone in her gig, Simone made centre cheer girl but Leah failed to nail the big kiss. One of the girls put it nicely, ‘she pashed and he dashed.’

Overall, the eighties shoot was cool. The girls looked great with Leah blitzing it in the Olivia Newton John’s black leather and sassy hair.

Matty says is he constantly trying to figure out the girls but one made a big impression on him, so, he pays a visit to the girls with muffins in hand just to ask Lisa to a tennis game.

Lisa plays a cheeky game and wins. Strawberries and cream were her rewards. Both Mattty and Lisa arrive together at the mansion for the cocktail party. Lisa, looking stunning, holding a rose, fuels Elora and Jennifer further.

The rose ceremony was painful and Laura Ann goes home.

On tonights episode is Lisa the one or Elora?

Remember Matty’s clues ….

  • he wants to share his love of sports
  • he doesn’t believe in love at first sight but first conversation

Both girls made big impressions on the first night.  If dance is a conversation, maybe tennis is too. 

I think both girls have a shot here.



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