The Bachelor Episode 1

The Bachelor premiered last night. Thwarted in love, Matty bravely enters what I would refer to as a Lion’s Den. The claws are out and it’s only the first night.

What was he thinking?

There’s certainly is a variety of girls ranging from the unblushing, alternative, creative, law abiding, savvy and confident … and they are all after the same man!!!!

The standouts to win Matty’s heart on this first episode were Alix, Michelle and Lisa. There was also a bunch of girls you didn’t get to know much about and as I recall, Matty J was overlooked in the first episode too.

Jennifer is the red herring and certainly a drama queen.

I thought at age 27 a lot of those antics displayed at the cocktail party should have been played out in a high school playground years ago. Is it all bluff to distract us?

Laura was dubbed the ‘Georgia’ look alike and came across a little harsh initially but Matty did seem taken with her.

We might see a different Matty this time round, after all, he’s dropped the J!

Natalie makes it strangely entertaining and ruffles a few feathers in the coup.

But I think we all know she’s not the one.

Key clue, Matty wants to share his love of sports with the love of his life.

Unfortunately, Monica and Stacey found it hard to shine amongst the big personalities and thus were farewelled.

Michelle, the Police Constable, was the first to receive a rose prior to the ceremony.

Obviously, Matty wants to maintain his clean record with her and maybe the rose was a gesture not reoffend his youthful ways.


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