The Bachelor, The Project’s Guest

Matty J revealed on ‘The Project’ last night … he is in love! The 30 year old Marketing Manager believed in second chances …. you never know what’s around the corner?

Matty gave a few clues about what he might be looking for?

Real connections for him were with moments he shared, not the fanfare around dates because that’s not sustainable.

He will move for love ….

and when asked what Spice Girl did he resemble, Sporty Spice hit the note.

Matty reflected momentarily on Georgia. He thought she loved him but obviously she didn’t … heartbreak sucks but time heals all. Matty refers to his family getting him through those times and being an uncle only cements his thoughts further about having his own family.

Final clue from Matty about finding love and something to observe?

He doesn’t believe in love at first sight but first conversation.

Hmmm ….

And by the way … he’s Matty now not Matty J! I guess we’ll all have to move on too.


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