The Bachelor Australia 2017

Matty J is back to find love. They say lightening never strikes in the same place twice but Matty thinks it can and he’s ready to fall in love.

Maybe, Matty J only thought he was in love with Georgia, so … a lightening strike is still possible, right?

In last year’s Bachelorette Finale, Matty J was rejected by Georgia as her heart belonged to another. The nation saw and felt his pain as he keeled over in anguish.

I’m not sure if one recovers completely from something like that and It will take someone exceptional to win his heart. Will he be seeking another Georgia or someone completely different?

Georgia Love is now Matty’s past an ex of sorts and the same goes for Georgia. Georgia fell in love with Lee but she did have feelings for Matty. There has to be an ache now and then from one of them or not?

I always thought they made a cute pair but us viewers we only see what the producers want us to see and there we have it. We, the audience become invested in the fairytale and feel let down when the ending doesn’t match the storyline. We are the ones with the broken heart.

Matty will be looking for true love.

You feel like you want to protect him but he’s put himself out there again. I mean, there are other ways to meet someone other than on national TV. So Matty … why?

Is love that hard to find or is it the ideal of love?

Lets watch and see …


la brolly


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