The Bachelorette Finale

Who will be her true love? The guy she never knew she wanted or the one she has always sought and never found, the one she feels she has known forever?

Georgia turns to her family. Her father and sister, Katie, offer their opinions.

Not sure if that’s helpful or not?

And a heartfelt message is sent from her mother to use both her head and her heart.

Good advice!

Matty is first up to meet Georgia’s family and finds it hard to read the father as he shows no reaction. Matty makes a good impression on her sister Katie but Georgia’s father feels he won’t make the move to Melbourne. He feels Matty’s heart is not in it.

I’m not sure about that? Matty was born in South Australia, lived in Queensland and then travelled overseas to London for a few years and back again to Sydney, New South Wales. I think he would make the move in a heart beat for true love!

On Lees meeting of the family duo, Katie fines Lee is too smooth and articulate, saying all the right things and is afraid Georgia will be swept away by it all. She also questions why Lee hasn’t already told Georgia he loves her if he’s all about not having regrets?

Georgia wants full disclosure from her sister and father but will she like what they have to say? Both her father and sister are concerned how she will react. Katie feels Georgia will get angry with her and her father will just have to play the peacemaker.

There appears to be some tension in the air. Her sister, Katie, favours Matty as he appears to be more natural going, insisting Lee is too smooth. However, Georgia’s father favours Lee over Matty because of the distance and noted more physical touch between the two of them.

Katie and her father are divided on who Georgia should pick? I feel Katie knows her sister and the types she falls for and the disappointments that follow. Just look at how long she hung onto Courtney … now that was painful! I feel her father is playing it safe and a Melbourne boy doesn’t disrupt life too much if it doesn’t work out for Georgia. He can see she could be happy with him too.

Last date with Matty. Georgia says Matty fills her with joy and makes her so happy. They make a visit to the Bell of Happiness and place their own bells, inscribed to eternal happiness. Georgia kisses Matty tenderly. Georgia admits to feeling like the only girl in the world when she is with him.

Matty thinks the only speed bump he can see on the horizon is Georgia not picking him!

Matty opens up again and declares his love with absolute honesty and says he would be devastated if it’s not him but he feels, it is. You make me extremely happy, Georgia Love.

Lee’s turn for last date. Georgia gets an indescribable spark when she is around him and each time it gets better and better. The feeling of knowing him for years yet it’s only weeks, exhilarates her. Lee waits anxiously for the right moment to say how he feels.  Finally, Lee gets his break and tells Georgia he loves her and he can’t see a future without her. They kiss intently. Georgia says it’s the relationship she has always sought but never found.

Does that mean Matty is out of the race? Maybe Lee has the edge needed to win Georgia’s heart without too much effort.

Final rose ceremony and Georgia is choosing to be open and follow her heart,

Not her head it seems … not even a mention? Maybe she has been swept away to a place she escapes to only in dreams and the reality is that it will end for one of the bachelors.

Matty appears first to approach the red carpet of roses.

This is not a good sign!

Sadly, Matty has to be the one to hear the words he never wanted to hear from Georgia …. I’m in love with someone else.


You could feel Matty’s heart shattering!!!

Matty has an immediate physical reaction bending over like he’s going to be sick.

It’s heartbreaking to watch. What must be running through his head?

He manages to pull himself together and wishes her and Lee well and hugs her dearly like a precious doll and says .… I really don’t want to let you go
See ya Geogia Love
See ya Matty J

That’s a love story, the one that will leave an ache forever in their hearts. Matty is the gem that shines brightly but not enough for Georgia. She has already set her heart on another and it may well be a familiar pattern for her? Time will tell.

Georgia confesses she is absolutely in love with Lee. He completes her and their story is unique.

Well, meeting on a TV Reality show fits that bill.

She continues … they have an indescribable spark and it has grown more intense. They had a sense of knowing each other for years right from the beginning.

Mirror copies … maybe? They even finish each others sentences. What happened to independent thought?

Well, they say love is blind but it’s Georgia’s story and it’s only ….

The beginning!


la brolly

Ps. have a read of Black Knight Mysteries if you get a chance… a quirky tale of finding true love!


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