The Bachelorette Episode 11

Lee and Georgia reminisce their first and second dates. Georgia feels like she’s known Lee forever. Lee wants to say how he feels and how he imagines her in his life and in his family’s life. They share similar views like two peas in a pod and live in Melbourne which works in Lees favour but if it wasn’t Melbourne, what then? Lee admits it wouldn’t be ideal but where you live doesn’t define you.

Good save by Lee!

Georgia can picture a future with Lee. Lee admits he is falling for her and Georgia seemed surprised yet it was also the best thing she had heard all day.

Maybe his grandmother gave him some advice?

Jake and Georgia embrace.

I can’t help but think its longer than with the others guys. It’s more comfort I feel.

Jake and Georgia are on the same page and have an undeniable chemistry. Georgia is drawn to him. They lose themselves in each other. However, home visits and his mother came up in conversation as well as distance being concerns. Jake hopes Georgia is his one and only. Georgia feels Jake would move heaven and earth for her … even fight for her.

But what about mum?

Matty and Georgia are carefree and energised together. Matty admitted to his sister he loves Georgia but he is nervous about admitting it and being rejected. Matty wasn’t even on Georgia’s radar in the beginning but the relationship developed and grew.

Of all the guys, Matty has been the one that allowed himself to be vulnerable and honest. He worked hard to be noticed right through the show. Georgia would do well to be with him.

A gin martini and a romantic dip in the jacuzzi brings out the serious side to Matty and he confesses his love for her. He was so nervous but managed it beautifully.

Matty’s sincerity is true blue and he’s playing to win her heart.

Rose ceremony

Matty was offered first rose then Lee. Jake didn’t get a rose.

Family seems to have carried some weight in Georgia’s decision. Oh dear!


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