The Bachelorette Episode 10

The final four, Matty, Jake, Lee and Courtney have made it to the home visits.

Matty, aged 29, is happy to go the distance and introduce Georgia into his life. Georgia meets his mother, brother, sister and Matty’s nephew.  Matty admits he has a huge sisterly love going on and what his sister thinks is very important.

Hmmm … alarm bells!!!

Matty has been away in London for several years and his sister wants Matty to have a family here in Sydney so little George has a cousin.

No pressure!

Matty’s advice to Georgia is just to be herself. On entering the house Matty’s sister knocks poor Georgia into the pot plant to get that hug from Matty. Around the dinner table the questions begin. First from his brother about the chemistry she has with Matty and the other guys followed by, will she move to Sydney? Georgia explains the best she can and will not move in the short term because of her mum’s health. The family appreciates her family matters, something they share.

Matty’s sister, Kate, admits she can’t give Matty up! He’s an uncle now. Kate is a straight shooter and very protective over Matty and serves a few hard questions.

You don’t know who you are going to end up with?

Georgia tries to explain all the different connections and doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

Kate continues. Matty is eager to settle and have a family are you?

Georgia is not ready for motherhood right now but Kate asks if she is willing to compromise?

Kate’s overall view feels Matty will be the one to compromise in the relationship and she doesn’t like it!

But … is Matty already compromising himself to uphold his sister’s expectations?

Kate’s feedback to Matty is to slow it down with Georgia to avoid heartbreak because she is scared for him. Matty does see himself with Georgia and he really likes her but too scared to say he loves her. His sister’s opinion is he is in love.

Finally his sister confesses if Matty moves for the right reasons she will be okay with that decision.

I can’t help but think Matty will do what he wants regardless of the consequences. His boyish enthusiasm and lightness of heart is what Georgia finds contagious but will it be enough to win her love? 

Matty and Georgia bid farewell. Matty is still talking reinforcing his affections leaving no doubts for Georgia how he feels.

They kiss …
Bye Georgia Love!
Bye Matty J!


Jake, aged 30, is very close to his family, especially his mum. His younger brother is very protective and his mother questions location and the strength of family unit here in Sydney.

Again, hard questions are fired at Georgia from Jake’s brother. What makes Jake different from the others?

Georgia’s response is he makes me feel special.

Right from the beginning of the bachelorette, Georgia said she wanted to be number one in someones life. Special could fit that bill?

A long distance relationship or a move to Melbourne again became topical as the strength of the family unit and values are emphasised.

Depending where you sit on this subject, obligation to the family first can be threatening and at the very lease you may become number two, not number one.

Jake and his mother talk about the concerns of being away from the family. His mother wants for him to follow his heart and she wants her son to be happy.

Jake sees Georgia off with a kiss on the porch and she kisses him back a few times more.

There is a warmth there and I think Georgia feels safe with Jake. He has a depth that Georgia relates too … maybe similar experiences have created the gateway for more.

Lee, aged 35, is the eldest of the bachelors. Georgia is wondering does he want kids too?

Well, his 86 year old grandmother starts the conversation. When are you going to give me grandchildren? Do you like children? She also eludes that Lee is not perfect and can be a real pain but he’s a romantic, sensitive boy and he’s smitten on you. So, what are you looking for?

Humour it seems! Well, that box is ticked. Remember, he’s the one with the donkey and the ass joke?

Now, it’s mum’s turn. She tells Georgia she sees the sparks between them but he’s my boy and she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Georgia understands but she has to put herself first and that may seem selfish but that’s the situation she is placed in and the way she feels about Lee is indescribable. Georgia quickly changes the direction of conversation to ask mum a few questions about Lee and uncovers his previous girlfriends have been very beautiful and blonde, not brunette.

That doesn’t surprise me because on their first date he revealed his favourite celebrities were Scarlet Johansson and Charlize Theron …. blondes!

Georgia doesn’t think she’s Lee type and maybe she’s not seeing the real Lee.

They both kiss to end the night.

Not sure about Lee and where he stands but his grandmother knows him inside out but does Georgia?

Courtney, aged 30, is a puzzlement heading into home visits and there is a lot of unresolved issues between them. He’s a Sydney boy raised on the northern beaches and finds a lot of solace there.

Initially, Georgia and Courtney clicked from the beginning and he received the first impression rose. Georgia has lost confidence because of all the mixed messages Courtney has sent in regards to his feelings.

A few games first to start the day, a distraction for the inevitable conversation that will follow. Their journey has been very up and down. Courtney struggles with words as Georgia cuts to the chase why she is doing this and what she wants in return, and that is love and commitment. Courtney, obviously uncomfortable, digs a deeper hole for himself and not sure if he’s ready for a committed relationship. He stresses he needs more time.

Friends is fun, love is splendid but commitment is a whole new ball game and one Courtney is not prepared to participate. 

The meeting of the family goes ahead instead of just goodbye on the beach. They both feel awkward as things ended on an uncertain note. Georgia meets his brothers and sister only as his parents are currently overseas.

Good timing!

More questions re what makes Courtney different from the other guys?

Georgia responds that they clicked from the start hoping Courtney would chime in but no, he left her to justify their relationship.

Whilst Courtney overthinks everything, his brother informs Georgia he’s struggling and out of sorts with the restraints of the show. He’s can’t be himself fully and wants more time.

Georgia finds it all too difficult and is not any clearer on how he feels about her and is sick of it!

Both are overwhelmed and share an exhausted kiss as she is leaving. Courtney bids her safe travel.

A little underwhelming.

Back at the mansion, Georgia becomes the lady in red with her skirt laden with roses and approaches Courtney in the garden. She has reflected on their journey together and stands firm that she came searching for love and will leave in love with someone. Courtney still cannot give her the clarity of his feelings or any sort of commitment. Unfortunately, Georgia has had enough and can’t keep doing this to herself. Georgia reiterates for Courtney once more their reality … this is how we met and what we are in, and it’s my story of how we meet and fall in love, and that’s too big a risk for just a maybe? Georgia wants to start her forever with a man who she loves and he loves her in return.

Courtney needs more time but that’s not the reality Georgia lives in but it’s the one Courtney wants to escape!

There is no rose ceremony tonight, just silence. Courtney is dismissed. Georgia is heart broken but remains steadfast in her search for love and will leave… in love!


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