The Bachelorette Episode 9

It is down to the last five and Georgia doesn’t want to see any of them go. The guys remaining note Clancy’s absence in the mansion as he was the one to shake things up and now the mood shifts to a more serious nature of who will be next?

Single date goes to Lee. A ‘Dirty Dancing’ move wins Georgia’s heart along with a very passionate kiss.

The group date is a song recording and it turns out okay after the final mix. It’s obvious the guys all get along and Georgia is loving it.

Lets have a look as that ones left standing.

Cam, 26, Firefighter.

He was nice from the beginning and a little nervous around Georgia and remained the same throughout which unsettled Georgia. Georgia holds the reigns to his heart but I think she’s looking for someone to do the same for her. Cam is the youngest one, so he has some more maturing to do … so there’s no rush.

Matty, 29, Marketing Manager.

His first appearance was fleeting and not memorable to Georgia at cocktail hours until he went flying through the air to catch her on the trapeze winning his first time alone time with her. Georgia took note from then on and Matty went from not being noticed to gaining the most time with Georgia. Matty comes across confident, yet boyish.

Jake, 30, Sales.

He maintains the strong eye contact from start to finish. He was the first to go on a single date with Georgia and established a very strong connection, yet he never went on another, but managed to scrape in with a one on one after the group date. He’s an intense guy and he has a power over Georgia but is he too deep?

Courtney, 30, Industrial Designer.

At first, he wore his heart on his sleeve with his pasta bracelet and then he revered the guys feelings and need for fairness over Georgia’s heart. After a dressing down by Georgia he smartened up his act. Courtney fines Georgia hard to read and he’s not comfortable. Trepidatious … maybe? Discerning … possibly? Now, who’s hard to read?

Lee, 35, Mechanical Plumber.

Jokes aside, Lee is now serious. He wins the single date and catches Georgia in the air like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. Still not a lot to know about these two but something is going on! There is always two sides to everything and is that what we are seeing here?

Rose Ceremony sees a more emotional side to Georgia as the decisions become harder and the one to go is Cam. Still nice to the ends Cam wishes her the best and exits politely.

Well, that leaves four for home visits!


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