The Bachelorette Episode 8

Single Date … Matty

Matty is getting a lot of airtime with Georgia. He’s easy watching, boyish but can he dance?

The date theme steps back in time with dance lessons on the menu. Georgia and Matty make their dance debut successfully and over a glass of champagne get up close and personal sharing feelings and a kiss.

Looks like they are falling for each other. Yes, he gets a rose!

The group date is way out there with older men fronting for the younger guys. Imagine speed dating but it’s not you, it’s him, with her.

Interesting concept and it is a TV show after all but how does it demonstrate anything authentic? Clancy failed miserably and there was no saving him.

Then the letters! The guys had to write about their feelings towards Georgia, only for them to be publicly read, not by the author, but another?

The test for true love is indeed trying and not for the weak of heart. This time Courtney failed with not enough words or was he just not prepared to share his thoughts on paper.  Afterall, the written word can be perceived as a bona fide action and that my friend may not be a true reflection in the end?

And then the dance with Georgia whilst blindfolded to make a final impression.

Really? I remember once being told when going for an interview, the more hurdles you had to jump over to get the job, that same expectation to perform on the job would be just as high and was that sustainable? I think it’s the same when competing for love. Can you keep the performance up and for how long before you fall from grace?

Cam passes over all three hurdles and wins one on one time with Georgia.

Straight to the rose ceremony and Clancy knows it will be his turn to go tonight.

He was right. Communication let him down and he’s a salesman. Maybe Clancy had the words but Georgia wasn’t the one that touched his heart?


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