The Bachelorette Episode 7

Single Date … Courtney

Again, really? I’m over Courtney, he had his chance. What does Georgia see in him?

Animal attraction it seems as Georgia confesses she could fall in love with Courtney. They have turned a page and even tried a kiss!

I’m not convinced.

Next, a two man date to sort the boys from the men goes to Sam and Rhys. One will leave. Georgia is genuine in her search for love and is not standing for falsehood.

Rhys lets slip a secret. A revelation about Sam’s intentions to self promote rather than seek love leaves Georgia confronted with a situation and then Rhys, offended by being put on a dual date with Sam, reveals he’s not looking for ‘the one’ either. Both guys admit they are not ready for a relationship or on the same page as Georgia.

Ouch! Turns out, they both were being boys and were ousted at Luna Park never to return to the mansion.

The remaining guys at the mansion are shocked at hearing the news of Sam’s and Rhys’s eviction.

Finally, some awareness of the seriousness expected from them to win Georgia’s heart. They have no choice but to be fair dinkum or they will suffer the same fate.

Cocktail hour endeavours to unravel more rascals, thus the theme, the man behind the mask. Georgia and her bachelors are to wear a mask to reinforce that she wants to know more about them. Matty J steels a moment and plays a quiz game designed to show more of himself. Lee, looking very nervous manages some time with her also and Matt, is like a jack in the box waiting for his turn with Georgia.

Alas, Matt and Todd didn’t receive a rose.


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