The Bachelorette Episode 6

Sixth Date … Cameron

Georgia feels Cam is a happy presence but fearful he may be in the ‘friend’ zone. Everyone loves Cam, tall, handsome and a Disney Lover too. What more could a girl ask for? Georgia surprises Cam with 15 dalmatian puppies … they get cosy.

Could it be puppy love? 

Lingering looks and long kisses suggests otherwise. Cam is feeling it and Georgia too it seems. A rose is picked and accepted. Another kiss is shared. Georgia says she could fall in love with Cam.

As I recall, Georgia said she could fall in love with Matty too. Is it too early to call? What about Jake, Lee, Courtney and Clancy? She didn’t say she could fall in love them but there was a lot of nervous energy.

The group date is all about fun and games until someone gets hurt.

The long and short of it is … the guys did have fun and Rhys got hurt. Nothing else to report here.

Something different, Kosher delivers a mystery date card with a very clear message … a start to a beautiful union. Matty is announced as the man who has been heralded.

Georgia, moving pass her initial first impressions of Matty who appeared confident and cocky, discovers a humorous side as he plays croquet with an exaggerated British accent. They banter and I think she kissed him.

I’ve seen Georgia initiate the kiss a few times now which means she is good at following the producers orders or likes to take the lead in relationships, or … really feeling it!

Cocktail hour arrives. Georgia and Rhys revisit an earlier conversation about the men and the boys in the house and not all as it appears. Rhys finally discloses a name, Sam.

No surprises there?

Cam woos Georgia on a guitar and the boys, or should I say the men, join in the serenade. Georgia is overwhelmed.

It’s all a little staged. I’m starting to feel this fantasy lacks realism an important mix for the viewers. Maybe it’s Georgia’s fantasy but I can’t help feel it is all one sided. It’s a TV show, right?

The rose ceremony hints at betrayal and redemption and who will be revered as a cad or a chevalier, but it turns out it’s Ryan, the nice guy, who stands alone, unaccompanied by a rose.

So, where to now? The plot thickens as there are doubtful characters at play, not seeking true love and only interested in self gain. Oh no!!


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