The Bachelorette Episode 5

Fourth Date … Clancy

Recreating New York is a romantic fantasy for Georgia. Clancy relates well with a recent experience to New York. Live singing, Ice skating and a winter wonderland creates the mood but the skating is less to be desired, nevertheless, an opportunity to bond. Clancy wants to build memories with someone and opening up to Georgia rewards Clancy with a rose.

Ah… a kiss! I can’t help but feel Georgia was kissing him more.

The group date challenge is one of medieval rivalry, armed with bows and arrows to capture the flag and the princess’s heart. Sam and Rhys’s seize the opportunity, a payback for average poetry and big mouthing, to attack. The battle begins.

An interesting turn of events occurs as the guys are aware of the socially weak in the group, Ryan and Rhys, and stage the rest of the battle conspiring to ensure one of these two guys is the victor, earning a one on one with Georgia. However, Courtney makes it too obvious and makes no effort to flee the arrows as he protects his manhood. Georgia is standing there embarrassed and humiliated. It is evident Courtney does not desire more time with her.

Surely Courtney could have been more subtle. He is a puzzlement and appears more concerned for his fellow mates, rallying them in his mischievous plans to control outcomes. One has to question why?

Rhys wins the one on one and as Sam predicted, Rhys spending more time with Georgia is not a win really as he’ll only put his foot in it … and he did! Rhys makes Georgia feel uneasy inferring that there are the ‘boys’ and there are the ‘men’ scenario playing out in the house and they are not all true blue in their intentions.

Creating doubts for Georgia is not the way to go. Is Rhys being honest and felt obligated to tell her or is he playing some sort of mind game? I’m getting concerned about some of these guys but I feel Georgia we’ll weed them out eventually.

Back at the mansion Kosher appears during cocktail hour requesting Georgia’s attendance and whisks her away. The guys speculate that intruders are entering the mansion. Sam feels they can’t be any worse than the guys that are already in the house and is not threatened.

Good old Sam … we can always rely on him for an opinion.

Georgia meets the intruders, Matteo an Italian Romeo and Todd a musician who serenades her with his own composition. We don’t learn much about Matteo but Todd shares Georgia’s love of musical theatre and broadway.

Georgia returns to the cocktail party along with the intruders and immediately summons Courtney to join her. Again, a heavy conversation proceeds between Georgia and Courtney where she asks again for him to explain his behaviour which left her hurt and humiliated. Courtney had no insight that it would impact her in such a way and feels awful and apologises sincerely.

Now it’s Courtney’s turn to feel vulnerable. Will Georgia give him another chance as this is the second time mateship takes supremacy. Is Georgia his number one priority? I feel a pattern is emerging here with Courtney. His need for fairness is controlling and really, is it his place?

At the rose ceremony, Georgia creates suspense early in the piece choosing Todd, an intruder, to receive a rose. Courtney and Matteo are the final two standing with only one rose pending.

Courtney should be the one to go but alas, it’s poor Romeo.


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