The Bachelorette Episode 4

Third Date … Courtney

Nothing like a combie van, skurfing, dress ups and billy carting to get this show back on the trail of innocent love, well done Courtney!

Courtney becomes shy not presuming anything with Georgia’s affections and gives a one peck kiss.

That’s it! Hmmm… I think Georgia was wanting more but it has been 5 years since Courtney has dated.

Moving on now to the group date. Again, Courtney holds the reigns and pairs the boys off to build a billy cart in order to participate in a race that is weighted in his favour but it is Tommy and Matt who rise as the victors. Courtney accepts defeats graciously and bows down from choosing himself for a one on one to allow another a chance at Georgia’s heart.

Gallant is he and so chivalrous! Or? An admirable way to step aside and get out of a sticky situation. Maybe Georgia got it right in the first place and Courtney is not that into her?

Back at the mansion, cocktail hour has started. Georgia pulls Courtney aside to explain his action on the group date of not wanting more time with her? Courtney politely answers that there are guys here that haven’t had the opportunity to be noticed and he wants it to be a fair competition.

Georgia is touched by the gesture but her head must be doing somersaults!

Sam and Jake demonstrate their culinary skills with a sweet to impress and Rhys relents, no poetry tonight.

Did I mention … Courtney chose Tommy to have the one on one with Georgia? Alas, it was to Tommy’s detriment, failing to receive a rose as the night ends. A tear is shed by Georgia. Finally, some authenticity is witnessed.

Loving the guys attire, printed shirts, velvet blazers and dreamy suits. As for Georgia, there are a few hits and misses with the styling.


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