The Bachelorette Episode 3

Second Date … Lee

Jake advises Lee to keep his hands to himself and Georgia confesses she has had butterflies for Lee since their first meeting.

Will their date of orienteering reveal their true north? Ah, a compass to the rescue!

The jokes and games keep coming, both mirroring each other beautifully but no depth into their souls.

Hold on, I take that back. We did learn that Lee likes blondes and doesn’t hold back on kissing.

Naturally, Lee gets a rose from Georgia who wants to experience more amazing feelings with him.

In the meantime the guys play tennis back at the mansion with a group date on the horizon or should I say up in the air. It turns out Georgia was a trapeze instructor and she wants the guys to experience the thrill of it along with trust and communication.

Rhys, Aaron, Tommy, Cam, Jay, Clancy and Matty blitz the trapeze act except for Sam but it’s Matty who also shares a gymnastic background pointing his toes to please Georgia. Naturally he wins the one on one. Georgia is pumped.

Unfortunately, Georgia didn’t notice Matty in the beginning but her eyes are wide open now, so that counts for something. Matty sees her as the perfect girl but doesn’t say why? Georgia confesses she could fall in love with Matty. Is it his cheeky boy side that lures?

We don’t get to see much of Tommy but he says his view of Georgia has reached a whole new level.

Obviously, acrobats and swinging through the air has its merits. Something to do with trust and communication, I think?

Back at the mansion the guys discuss the golden date card held by Courtney. Courtney not only can organise his own single date but the group date.

Courtney finally plays the golden date card. Georgia has being waiting for this very moment and compares the experience to giving out your phone number and never getting the call. She questions herself now being in a vulnerable position of liking someone who isn’t reciprocating or making it known?

Good old Rhys is still writing poetry and Sam lends him his ear, listening, whilst keeping a straight face.

Clancy makes a brave dive into pool to get on the group date. Courtney honours him with a guaranteed place on the group date.

Clancy is not afraid of stepping outside comfort zones to be noticed. After all, he did allow Georgia to shave his beard and now dripping wet he stands in his robe at the rose ceremony. Some say he may be desperate or is he someone who knows how to play the game? He’s still in the show whilst others aren’t and what were their names again?

Aaron and Jay didn’t get a rose.

Forgotten already!


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