The Bachelorette Episode 2

First Date – Jake

Proclaimed by both Jake and Georgia – chemistry and butterflies on first meeting. They venture to the Blue Mountains and dare to jump 120 metres down from the cablecar.

Not too far, really? It wasn’t a jump exactly, more a slow decline. I hope that doesn’t mean their relationship has already peaked?

Back to the Mansion

Group Date – Rhys, Courtney, Ben, Ryan, Matt, Clancy, Lee, Arron, Sam.

Clue or theme is ‘Cover Me’.

Now hold that thought? The guys get excited.

In the meantime, Jake and Georgia share deeper moments and revere the more important sides to their lives that motivate them. It appears ‘we’ and ‘us’ are words Georgia would like to use very much i.e. as in a couple, and it just happens Jake does too. Jake and Georgia are very much on the same page. They have an emotional connection and a physical chemistry happening. They kiss intently. Georgia blushes and giggles nervously. Obviously, Jake gets a rose.

The show could end here … looks like Georgia has found her match, well on the surface. Georgia has a smorgasbord of men awaiting her and given time to explore, how many times will she change her mind or think he’s the one? A woman’s privilege, don’t you think?

On Jake’s return the guys drill him for info, like a kiss maybe? Jake doesn’t kiss and tell, an admirable quality, but obviously smitten holding his rose. The guys tip him as a favourite.

Well, one can conclude, Jake is not going home. It will be interesting to see now how he feels when the other guys go on their dates with Georgia. There’s no ring yet!

Back to the boys. Mills and Boon want the Aussie male in his natural outback habitat for their Australian Book Covers.

Didn’t Hugh Jackman in the movie ‘Australia’ do a huge service for our Auzzie blokes … can the guys uphold the image?

Cam gets selected for the one on one shoot with Georgia. A definite advantage over the others.

Whilst the guys turn on their internal model, Rhys offers a few tips to help the lads out. Sam is a bit coy about revelations that he’s also a model.

It seems Sam has issues with Rhys. Could it be jealousy? Rhys on the other hand is true to himself, honest. I’m seeing another side here.

The guys did well on their photo shoots. Cam and Georgia’s photo shoot was close and intimate, looking very hot together … lips almost pressed.

We’ll have to watch these 2.

Cocktail Hour

Sam starts imitating Rhys. Sam is generally irritated by Rhys. The rest of the bunch feel they may need to pick sides if the rivalry continues as ‘mateship’ will be challenged within the mansion.

Georgia excuses herself politely from one group of guys saying she has other people she has to say hello to.

Looks like Georgia can navigate around on her own. An independent side surfaces. The testosterone is also on the rise as the guys size up each other and their competition. However, Rhys wins Georgia with his poem.

“Lights, cameras. A whole production

The night we met was like in seduction

Not on your end, you were more than fine

If we had no spark, the blame was all mine

A joke. A smile. A ba dum tish

What we really need is a fun single date

I’ll be myself. I won’t compete. Like a gentleman.

Till then, I’ll wait.”

Is there nothing Rhys won’t do? You can’t blame him for trying. This guy is putting 100% into this affair of the heart and to hell with the consequences. Is he really Clarke Kent holding his secret identity tight or Harry Potter, not in total control of his power? Will Georgia fall for him? Rhys is feeling in a comfortable position but Sam feels he’s a goner but it is was Ben that missed out on the rose tonight. I can’t help but feel he’ll be missed. 


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