The Bachelorette Australia 2016

Episode I … Introductions

The Bachelorette

Georgia Love, 28, Journalist. Quits job to find love. A priority! Wants to be number one in someones life, i.e., Leading Lady. Isn’t she that already? Loves whisky!

The Bachelors

Cameron, 26, Firefighter. Admirable career, nice guy. Georgia abbreviates his name to ‘Cam’. He appears nervous but she seems very much in control here.

Jake, 30, Sales. Smooth. Mentions his mum… nice touch. Strong eye contact. He’s playing the game and she’s interested.

Rhys, 29, Model. Speaks a little french to impress. Looks like he just walked off the runway. An obvious Harry Potter or Clarke Kent fan. A yogi too it seems or a version of?

Courtney, 30, Industrial Designer. A pasta bracelet to break the ice. This one wears his heart on his sleeve. Can’t let this one go, so, Georgia presents him with the first impression rose. I think she is interested in his story? A journalist is always on the lookout, right?

Dale, 29. Presents a rose to Georgia. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way round?

Carlos, 33, Entrepreneur, Stripper. I think he mentioned a poem? Presents a Tiffany bracelet, not sure of value… an important fact, don’t you think?

Lee, 35, Mechanical Plumber. Who would think a donkey would impress? Loved his line about the ass. Unexpected light relief from finding love, well done. Georgia appears a little nervous, giggling and exchanging bar jokes. An obvious connection felt.

Ben, 32, Miner, Husky lover. He certainly was all over the place, inappropriately revealing bodily functions. So gauche but sweet!

Clancy, 32, Medical Sales Rep. One minute he has a beard and then? Not sure if Georgia took the higher road in shaving his beard adhoc, making him appear rather foolish. If the scene was reversed and she got him to cut her hair, maybe she would rethink her styling?

Sam, 27, Electrician. Did he say, ‘Darling?’ Allergic to cats and other pet hates.

Not a lot of detail on the following guys but it looks like there are 2 Matthews. Now that’s confusing?

Aaron, 34, Marketing.
Matt, 28.
Matty, 29.
Tommy, 31.
Ryan, 27.
Jay, 33.

All great looking men, well dressed and willing to have a shot at the game of love. Their mother’s would be proud, yes?

And the bachelorette literally stumbles into their hearts! Won’t mum be pleased.

Unfortunately, Carlos and Dale have been eliminated. I’m not surprised about Carlos, maybe too much bling for the first meeting but Dale? I was lucky to even catch his name but he did give Georgia a rose. Maybe that’s where he went wrong? Stepping on her territory … ouch!

 Let’s see how it all plays out, shall we?


la brolly


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