Black Knight Mysteries Part X

Behind Every Black Knight  Part X

Now you know how the mystery that shrouds Black Knight began. Before the strike of midnight you’ll know where it ends, to be repeated again and again, because the characters keep changing and that will always be life’s way, but there is one strong vein that runneth through … you.

Don’t be so surprised My Lady, although you may have to come down a peg or two if you are going to see this through. You must not falter now it’s too late. You can’t go back. You have made it this far unblemished. Come … we have little time left.

First, before we go any further, I must ask you this … Is Black Knight a myth, a fictitious character, created by a medieval tale of chivalry and romance and embellished by an over-exaggerated imagination of picturesque falsehood?

If you answered yes … I’m afraid you have tasted the bitter- sweet that life can bestow and his secrecy will escalate, making your Black Knight incomprehensible … obscure.

For those who answered no … will find it mysteriously delicious and awe-inspiring as you seek by contemplation to obtain mystic knowledge … the key to your true Black Knight.

Quickly, we must hurry … we have a few home truths to face of which their importance is of great relevance.

Whilst you maybe disappointed, all is not lost if you believe. Continue to dream until they are a part of you and your true Black Knight will appear, not every hour of every day, but just now and then … where you’ll share his intimate thoughts, bonding your souls in a deeper devotion, where romance … love … passion … old world charm … and …magic mysteries exist, allowing you to escape reality temporarily with the man you adore.

Escape? That’s it. Don’t confine yourself to one way of thinking … you have a wonderful imagination, but you must apply some logic … I call it woman’s intuition.

No time to waste! The clock is about to strike midnight but we must go back to the unveilings to uncover the key or forever be eluded by Black Knight mysteries.

Romance is an illusion, a dream, conjured by you and your imagination but it will never survive in reality because Black Knight does not exist in a real world governed by logic … unless of course … you play the game.

the danceBehind every Black Knight was My Lady’s response. She wasn’t consistent at all, which made her all the more interesting. In fact, she mirrored their personality where called for, remained silent at the appropriate times, displayed patience, exercised initiative, enticed … played the temptress to allure, withdrew where necessary, took the risk, relished romance, nurtured, counselled, compromised, exploited her femininity for the cause, feigned a delicate constitution to re-think her tactics, encouraged, appealed to the ego and where her intuition informed her … she bought.

Amazing, to say at the least and so simple: I didn’t see any of the knights run … did you?

Could you do that or be slightly tempted to give it a go, or, will you determine fate and play the trump card which we already know has its own foregone conclusion.

To play it or not … that is the question and the key to your true Black Knight’s heart that unfolds his mystery

My Lady, you blush … a perfect shade of scarlet, wouldn’t you say? You knew all the time and it is true what they say… behind every Black Knight there is a Scarlet Woman. Complements Black Knight rather well, don’t you think?

Take a bow My Lady, your Black Knight awaits you like a rose ready for the picking … a true artist’s delight.



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