Black Knight Mysteries Part IX

Once Upon A Time  Part IX

All fairytales start with “Once upon a time . . .” and always end with “. . . they lived happily every after.” So, let’s give it a go and see what out childhood told.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who would often venture to another world where she was the princess awaiting her prince to rescue her?

It was her first escape to live out her imagination and dreams, immersing herself in a mist of beauty to revere chivalry and romance in a mundane world where the prince always saved the princess.

What happened to her dream? Well, that’s where the mystery begins because unbeknown to her whilst she feverishly engrossed herself in fairytales; her little knight blue was outside chopping tails off lizards, leaving them paralysed to their fate to suffocate in a glass jar.

Let’s join our little knight blue shall we?

The tale goes, the little girl lectures and teases him about his doings, so he retaliates armed with pins, rather uncouth, possibly painful, but she’s still determined not to let him win. She rallies courage from every quarter and attacks, seizing his precious jar of lizards. She has his attention now and her very first game of cat and mouse.

The little girl’s adrenalin rushes as she sharpens her wit pre- empting his next move. If all fails, she’ll play the trump card; tell mum and he’ll get the blame, a foregone conclusion.

Oh no! She slips. Little knight blue jumps on her, twisting her arm behind her back whilst he snatches his jar of lizards, rising in victory as he claims his possession. The little girl lost the game, or did she? As she wept, little knight blue turns around with panic because he thinks he has hurt her and he’ll get the blame, which we already know is a foregone conclusion. Then the fairytale comes to fruition and little knight blue displays another side … concern, an attribute she admires as he helps her to her feet. The little girl wipes her tears and smiles, forever touched by his gentleness, a true knight blue as he responds in kind showing her his lizards explaining he was going to set them free. The little girl was glad she never did play the trump card … blame. It was a definitive moment for them both.

As the years passed by, a little girl no longer, she continues the game of cat and mouse but forgets about childhood dreams and her little knight blue and plays every trump card in the deck to have her way. Little knight blue now a distant memory, archived forever, makes her Black Knight now non-existent (unless of course she remembers).

The moral of the tale is never lose sight of childhood aspirations and play the game without blame: be respectful of differences, share feelings and he’ll respond as would you, vice verse. That’s the magic, the mystery behind every little knight blue who’ll one day be your Black Knight. He hasn’t changed all that much and there is still room for the fairytale. Dreams do come true and are always followed by “happily ever after.”

The end of the beginning.

For those who are still unclear as to the key to unlock the mystery … turn the page and for those who already know … sssh! The mystery must be kept a secret right till the end.




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