Black Knight Mysteries Part VIII

Mystery Unfolds  Part VIII

You already know the colour red is a clue and you also know Black Knight exists in every man … so, what’s the key?

We must move quickly, as time is running out. The mystery must be solved before the clock strikes midnight or our Black Knight will become part of a graveyard of buried hopes and dreams.

Cast your mind back to the unveilings. First impression you wouldn’t have them for quids, but if you look beneath the surface … they are not what they appear.

My Lady, you have just encountered eleven Black Knights and you probably have related to one or all of them – someone you know or have met, only to leave your life, maybe without a second thought from you … or … does the ache still remain, leaving you to forever wonder if things may have been different?

Well stop wondering and use your imagination and merge all the knights together and ask yourself this…

What is it he is looking for? Why does he hustle? What is it about commitment? Why does he act the fool? What is this air of supreme he imparts anyway? And, when is he going to get over his boyhood games? We already know he sees himself as a lover but why the manoeuvres and popularity contests? Okay granted, he’s dynamite and he’ll use every trick of the trade to prove that to you, but….


Because he wants you to notice him … love him … yet he must maintain his position … apart.


Because that’s the way we raised him with all his armour, which now weighs heavily, protecting the boy, the man … the lover. Only you have the power to unfold his mystery … after all, you moulded him.

What a startling realisation! It’s up to you and it’s up to me to help save him from his plight. If you believe in Black Knight and find the key to his mystery … one day My Lady you’ll have it all and more.


All will be revealed, but first let’s escape back to a world of fantasia, where all your childhood traits and dreams were real or have you forgotten all about them? And that My Lady is my final clue!


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