Black Knight Mysteries Part VII

Forbidden Love  Part VII

Wed to a man she thought she adored and would never betray, until fate presented her with another, leaving her possessed by a love she could not explain … or forget.

She fought against

Unwelcomed emotions

Of a desire, a deep

Burning passion,

As she stared

Into the darkness Of the night…

Threatening her

With no compassion.

Thoughts of betrayal left a bitter taste as deception shrouded her life tearing her apart … she could not escape.

The temptation grew

To reach out and take

The forbidden fruit,

Now she knew

The path of destruction

A life of despair,

Inflicting a sorrow

That could not be repaired.

This love

For which she sacrificed everything


Along with the lies

And the deceit on which it thrived,

A deadly component

Without it,

Could not


next … the mystery unfolds 


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