Black Knight Mysteries Part VI

Part VI  Last Of The Unveilings

“Tell me about you.” is the Tour de Force Black Knight’s favourite phrase. Why? Because the more information he gets, the easier the manoeuvre becomes. He’ll concentrate his questioning on you, making you believe you’re the only person who exists in his life, and before you know it, he’s got your whole life’s story. Suddenly, he’s your best friend, brother, uncle, father and he thinks he has won you. Covetousness is on his mind … one night stands are his thing … so, what are you going to do?

Visa versa,

Turn the wheel,

Catch his heart,

Out comes his spiel.

Inside you’ll find All his woes,

As he reaches out,

Time just goes.

You’ve got him now … Sis! As he speaks from his heart, how no one understands him … except you. Careful, he’s not cured yet and he’ll try and turn the tables … but you understand him, he said so … he’ll be in touch, no worries.

Count me in! The Capricious Black Knight has just hit the party. He knows everyone and he hasn’t been introduced yet. He’s that type, he gets excited about everything and you think it’s you and everybody else thinks it’s them. He creates this aura around him and you get trapped in it, as he whirls you around passionately with all his enthusiasm. You’re in love, and then you notice he displays the same energy, passion and enthusiasm with the person beside you. Confusing … not really. Let him go and three days later, ring and say…

Great party next week…

His response is rather weak.

Not feeling well?

He sighs; he’s not going to tell.

You’ll be the life of the party,

Everyone will be there … Jean, Fred, Marty.

Slight improvement, his voice starts to lift,

You pause with relief, as you thought
You were getting the short shift.

I’ll pick you up if you like … eight o’clock?

He accepts.
I think your ship has just come to dock.

Why three days later? Because anyone with that much energy has to come down sooner or later and he’ll appreciate the pick-me-up. Repeat the process every third day, till he’s sitting waiting for the call and you’ll be the highlight of his week, maybe his life, if he gets really excited … and that you can count on!

“Can I take you to paradise on earth?” he whispers, as he kisses you from behind …your Mesmeric Black Knight has arrived. Your adrenalin rushes with his presence, feeling his strength making you warm inside. You laugh … chat … he’s him and you’re you … no pretences. Flirting becomes natural as he hustles, promising you the world, as he stumbles carefully stating his intentions with enthusiasm and passion, keeping the code of ethics, of course, as he manoeuvres closer, an obvious trait of the trade. Age? Doesn’t matter … he’s got it!

Now stand straight

This one has got what it takes, make no mistakes.

Stop shaking,

Too late he knows you’re not faking.

Oh, what the hell

He knows how to sell and he has you in his sight.

Give in, don’t fight, bless your stars…

He’s dynamite!

Sometimes it happens that way … that’s the magic. Look no further … I told you this one should be promoted, he is alarmingly attractive in every way and he chose you … WOW!

Congratulations! I commend you on your resilience, but I knew you would make it and for any Black Knights who by chance, of course, have just stopped by to have a peek … don’t go. I love an audience, particularly with men in it.

What did you think of that line My Lady … do you think he’ll stay?

Enough said. You have now encountered all the knights. Know any of them? I thought you might.

My Lady … it’s on your intuition that I rely to unfold the mystery of your true Black Knight.

A clue?


While you ponder, a tale of forbidden love must be told.

… continuing on




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