Black Knight Mysteries Part V

Part V  Young Love Torn

They were so young, so alive and so in love. Just barely out of their teens, they took their vows. As the years passed by, the inner turmoil surfaced within until one day it engulfed their lives, shattering everything they fought for and believed in.

They were bright … light

They used to skite

They loved with all their hearts 

And then one day they lost the art.

They were so young,

Air just filled their lungs

With all the toil

Their life could not help but be soiled.

Inner struggle
Caused so much trouble

They tried so hard

But life just got so bizarre.

Time showed no compassion,

Their lives just shattered,

Taking with it
Everything that mattered.

They reached out but the devastation left such a bitter taste they could not console each other. As the pain was too intense … they could not forget. They loved till the very last moment as they walked away, setting each other free to start again.

Regrets … no,

They weren’t to know

Life was to deal this blow

Taking away the entire glow.

The love they shared

Left them friends

Fate was kind that way

To remember the good times

Right to the end.

It was best for them

This way…

Now the breeze can Gently sway.

It was a young love that was ripped away, tossed in a volcanic sea of turbulence; even the wise would have had trouble identifying the perils. But it was their love that got them through and it’s their love now that keeps them apart.


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