Black Knight Mysteries Part IV

Part IV  Unveilings Continue

Vote for me! States your Ambassadorial Black Knight. Oh, isn’t he the confident one, who does he think he is? You briefly appraise him as you are amused by his approach and act very curt, mainly out of embarrassment, as you are in a dilemma, you can’t quite work him out. Thus, the debate begins…

Sir, forgive me whilst I rest for a moment

As your presence has some essence.

You’ve done it now. That’s exactly what he wants to hear.

Certainly, take all the time you need,

Can’t have you withering and turning to seed.

What! Now he thinks he has won with his dutiful words.

No. I’m feeling much better now thank you,

It must be the heat, making sure it will be his words he eats.

He raises his eyebrows and smirks. My Lady, he finds you entertaining and that’s his downfall, not yours … after all, appearing delicate has some applause.

Hello … wait for me! As he races from his car. Oh, it’s the Black Knight Tyro, as well as the junior office clerk. He wears his heart on his sleeve for everyone to see and he has this habit of being in the same spot as you, regardless if you’re early or late. Politely you wait, muttering under your breath ….

Good morning, it’s a nice day, traffic bad your way?

Not bad enough you’re thinking … why me?

Yeah, I thought I would be late;

I didn’t want you waiting for me at the gate.

Ah ha! He thinks you would wait for him. Well, it’s time to let this little one go; after all, you can’t have this conversation everyday. Go on, exploit your experience!

I had great sex last night …

and it wasn’t just a one night stand.

He gulps, trying not to show his devastation, as you have just shattered his illusion of his empress … YOU! So you kindly add to lessen the blow…

I have a new girl starting today, about your age;

I’ll bring her over your way.

He lights up again and states, that will be a nice change from all you oldies! Obviously hurt, he has just insulted you, but that’s ok, it’s worth it but you can’t help but miss him, after all, you have just been jilted and you have to grieve his departure… that’s long enough.

Allow me to introduce myself … how appropriate for your Classicist Black Knight. He then asks if he may buy you a drink. He is courteous, polite and makes sure he is not imposing as he studies his watch.

No … not at all. I’d appreciate the company;

I’m waiting for a call.

That’s good, make sure you’re not so available … he’ll appreciate your situation.

I’m happy to oblige.

Do you live far … dear?

Dear? He was going fine till then. Maybe we shouldn’t over- react just yet … he appears to be a gentleman.

Oh no … you gulp your drink.

He raises his glass, non-alcoholic you think.

Well, things are coasting slowly, too slowly for your liking, but then again, it’s all a bit too nice. Let’s break the conversation and see if things liven up.

Like to dance?

Maybe next time … dear

Just what you feared,

Exit stage right

The telephone rings clear.

YES! It’s for you … DEAR!

Let us pause and reflect for a moment on My Lady’s reaction to the last four knights. She displayed delicacy laced with a silent strength, counselled and compromised, demonstrated wit to find a resolution and then made a timely exit.

As you may imagine My Lady, experiences are vast and plentiful, but necessary to reveal the mystery and with only three knights to go this is not the page to give up on and forever lose the plot, as you have come so far, the key is in your grasp … so near.

Whilst you contemplate, let’s spare a thought for a young love, torn.

… to be continued


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