Black Knight Mysteries Part III

Part III  The Saddest Mystery Of All

Like ships that pass in the night, silently My Lady yearns for her Black Knight, waiting breathlessly for that fateful moment… to touch hands … touch hearts … just to say the words…

Come to me Black Knight
With magic mysteries
My soul’s delight.
Touching me gently
Soaring my heart in flight.
Whispering softly
Under moonlight.

Swaying like lace
I feel so light
Immersed in ecstasy
Romance of the night.
Old world charm
My knight so bright.
Come to me…
Come to me

Whilst My Lady yearns, her Black Knight too is deep in thought waiting for that magic moment to tell her of his love that he had fought for what seems like a life time now …

My Lady, I have admired you
From afar for many years.
I’ve yearned for your touch
But I’ve always feared if I told you how I feel;
You would brush it off,
Treat it as no big deal.
I’ve locked this in my heart
And carried the pain,
My heart aches all the time
Thinking of you repeatedly,
Time and time again.
My confidence has grown
And I want you to know,
That I’ve loved you forever,
A love that continues to grow.

Alas, this is a romance of the greatest love affair that never will be so, unless one speaks and unveils their souls, unlike Juliet and poor Romeo.

Black Knight Unveilings continue …



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