Black Knight Mysteries Part II

Part II  Black Knight Unveilings Begin

Now … take your Black Knight Gypsy. This one won’t stand still. He lives for adventure and new horizons and doesn’t get involved in life’s drama. He’s lovable because he is a free spirit … not out to impress anyone. He’ll enter your life and leave. Then out of the blue he’ll write…

I’ve got a heart and it’s in the right place,

I don’t always provide the perfume and lace.

I guess I ain’t that kind, you know…
La – de – da, refined.

I’m a sensitive guy and I sing my own song…

Often caught up, involved, you know … moving along.

However, every now and then, I get a thought…

I’ve just got to send.

Well … you can’t hate the guy, no matter how hard you try. He’s obviously looking and searching for something and a future with him is not yet due. Patience is your only option, as this one is always at the crossroads.

Beware. The Black Knight Hustler Huître is on the prowl. He has no intentions to blend, but to attract attention and draw in his prey. He’s very charming and ever so smooth and he has his act down pat. So, it’s time to beat him at his own game. It’s going to take courage and you have to make the first move and present him with an offer he can’t refuse, just like the legendary Mae West if you want to conquer this one.

Why don’t you come up and see me sometime? 

Forget the poetry and the words that rhyme.

I can see you’re a man of action…

That intrigues me … I like a reaction.

I’m not amused by fairytales and fables…

Come closer if you’re willing; better, if you’re able.

No need to rush, I like to pace…

I’d hate to waste all this wine and black lace.

So, if you get the inclination and like what you see…

Come up … I might just be in the mood, to please.

Great…he’s interested and that cool, calm exterior is starting to sweat. He’s trying to calculate your next move, so…don’t make one. Throw him into confusion and he’ll be like putty in your hands that can be tossed around, moulded and worked on. You’ll never tame him, so keep throwing out the bait and one day he’ll just get hooked.

Commitment, I’m afraid is not the Erroneous Black Knight’s companion. Everything frightens him; everything is flawed … so we’ll have to speak softly. This one can be a real headache, because he’ll take one step forward, two backward and it will always be his way, as long as you allow it. He’ll never leave you, because that’s too scary, so he’ll say words that sound like … looks like he might … but probably not. The only way to get this one is too fraught him with panic … drop the bomb.

Strike while you can before there’s a new man who’ll be offering love and everything he can.

It’s only a matter of time and your words won’t be worth a dime.

Obsolete, to say the least, like a loaf of bread, without the yeast.

Sad, but true, my knight so blue … my heart will be in flight, but not for you.

I love you now, all day, every hour, but it’s up to you if you want to waste,
Grow old and sour.

I won’t ask again … as this is my last refrain.

Stay … stay with me, if you dare?

I might be the last to ask or care.

Ooops! Which way did he go? Don’t worry, he’ll be back once he gets over the shock … just don’t ever let him feel comfortable again. Remember, he’s got to keep up with you this time, if he’s going to make the distance.

Watch out! In stumbles you’re Gauche Black Knight. You can’t help but notice him, because he always makes an entrance, never grand, just noticeable. You can’t help but laugh. He’s very cute, which makes him all the more dangerous, as all your maternal instincts surface and come to the fore. Suddenly, you’re his mother and all you want to do is protect and pick him up after every blunder, and you’ll say something like this…

As the silky curtains caress my face at night,

I look at the stars for my wondrous Black Knight.

You eluded me there for awhile, with your awkward clumsy way,

Especially after I found you on the roadside, after you fell off your horse today.

So you’ll never be at King Arthur’s round table but I love you anyway.

Don’t feel bad my darling, that’s all I wanted to say.

Well, he just loves you to death and he has such a gentle way. He may never be a king, but if you nurture this one and hold him tight, he’ll love you forever and will always be there when you need him too … true.

A rose for My Lady … you turn, and there stands your Arden Black Knight. You blush as he takes you in his arms and kisses you passionately. Then, embracing the moment, he gazes into your eyes, penetrating your soul and whispers the love he has for you…

When two worlds collide My Lady the thunder and the explosion lights the sky.

That’s how I feel inside with the love I have for you;

It won’t rest, burn out or die!

When I’m not with you my heart screams…

Begging, racing with panic, please don’t let this be a dream!

You are my life … my desire!

My Lady … you put my heart on fire!

Don’t say anything!!! Just soak yourself in the romance of his words … you have in your presence a true Black Knight.
Well My Lady what do you think so far? Have you found the key to the mystery of Black Knight? No? … well, you can’t give up now and forever be left at the crossroads, only to be hustled, filled with false promises, always picking up the pieces and then be the lover, because some guy is suddenly into roses!

Pause for a moment My Lady, as we have six more knights to encounter as we unfold the mystery.

And now for a tear for the saddest mystery of all.

… to be continued



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