Black Knight Mysteries Part I

Part I   The Mystery

Romance, love, passion, old world charm and magic mysteries … I give to you before the clock strikes midnight … Black Knight!

Indeed, Black Knight is a mystery. He uses just enough words to touch … only to vanish leaving his ladies entranced.

His magic lies behind his bravado, his shield … that is, until he meets his lady … where … he lays down his lance and displays his intimate thoughts.jackpot_dress_300

He searches and looks for friendship … love, but most of all he wants to be the friend … the lover. There are many aspects to him and he lives in all walks of life, playing many roles and won’t be ignored.

Now, Black Knight has lots of masks to conceal his mystery. We know he is gallant, displaying strength, love, humour and chivalry and when he chooses to express himself, it will depend on his feelings, his role, and of course, the occasion that draws him to the words.

The mystery is … Black Knight is in every man and he rules by his heart. He is impulsive, romantic, old world charm and chivalry in disguise … until now, that is!

Study the following, as he may be any one of them, or a combination of all.

The Classicist Black Knight … well, he can be a little boring but he always does the right thing, so he’ll be sensitive … everybody expects that.

The Erroneous Black Knight … tends to get a little anxious and nervous, so he’ll use carefully selected words … he doesn’t want commitment.

The Black Knight Hustler Huître … “What’s in it for me!” he’ll say, so he’ll use words that pay off … because he’s after something.

The Capricious Black Knight … is highly excitable, so he’ll be humorous, enthusiastic and passionate … he just loves being in love with everyone.

The Ambassadorial Black Knight … doesn’t mess his words and states the facts, so he’ll make a statement … without the fluff.

The Tour de Force Black Knight … loves lots of detail and hands on experience and once he feels familiar … practical manoeuvre is on his mind.

The Ardent Black Knight … now this one is passionate and will go all out and use words to conjure imagination and visual pictures women can’t resist … romance is he …a true Black Knight.

The Black Knight Gypsy … is always on the move, he doesn’t want to be pinned down, his wish is to be free, but every now and then, he gets a thought … that’s cool!

The Gauche Black Knight … is a little out of his league, but he’s never dull and he’ll make you laugh … he’s very cute.

The Black Knight Tyro … sneaks up on you and then makes small talk, first lesson of the trade … that’s about it.

The Mesmeric Black Knight … Wow! He’ll sweep you off your feet every time … in fact, he should be promoted … he’s dynamic!

Which Black Knight do you have in your life? Not sure… well, read further and the intrigue and illusions that shroud Black Knight will open up to you, capturing your heart forever. Then it is up to you to find your true Black Knight, the one who’s right for you. Beware, not all of them are a good deal!

Recognise and understand your Black Knight, not with the intentions to change him, as it might be you, My Lady, who has chosen incorrectly.

Black Knight does exist. Learn the secret of his mystery and there you’ll find him.

My Lady … your Black Knight awaits you. Now, turn the page and find the key to his heart, if it is romance and magic mysteries you seek.

… to be continued


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